True Colloidal Silver -- many stories of relief
Chronic Sinusitus; Age Spots; Dry, Itchy Skin; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome pain

Dr. Tom

I have used many colloidal silvers, but none as effective as the True Colloidal Silver. I have experienced many years of chronic sinusitis, but have now found relief through the use of the True product. This is what I like to call it, simply True, because I have never experienced relief with any of the other silvers.

I recently used the True Colloidal Silver cream on my age spots (this is what my dermatologist called them). They were very unsightly mole type spots on primarily my stomach. The doctor told me to leave them alone, so I started applying the cream. In each case, within a week , they had all dried up & fallen off. I also used it for my dry and itchy skin, with great relief. I call it my miracle cream. This is the True stuff.

A True & happy customer from South Dakota

Thanks for the Best , Name withheld upon request

Dear friend,

Bless you! This is my second testimonial on True Colloidal Silver today... Dr Lama Emmons used the liquid to heal painful inflammation from infected or impacted tooth and found elief within hours. We will post your glowing testimonial on our ASK TOM free educational webpages. Through your generousity and courage, others may be encouraged to find their own healing stories:)

Thank you, dear friend.

As a footnote, I suffer from CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and occasional flareups of painful Gouty Athritis. This Friday morning I awakened to unusual cold (36%) temperature and cold, windy rain. but had to keep my promise of shipping out customer orders at the4 post office. My right wrist was severely inflamed and I had excrutiating pain. I used the True colloidal silver creme lotion on my wrist. I waited about an hour and could finally twist my wrist.

Ever try starting your car engine left handed? Almost impossible because of logistics! Well, even though cold and wet, I kept my promise and will make some new faithful customers happy:)

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